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Posted in art, culture, humanity, life, society

Every chess board has its queen…

But as the old Italian proverb says…

After the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box. 

Does that apply to queens as well ??? Or do they gracefully UNRAVEL?

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Posted in art, culture, humanity, life, nature, spirituality

another tree of life…

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do pain, suffering, and trauma travel through generations?

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(inter)generational trauma is literally trauma that occurred decades or generations ago, and its effect is passed down from generation to generation, showing up in a myriad of physical and psychological symptoms in people long removed and unaware of the traumatic situations that triggered this result. Studies showed that such symptoms were prevalent and commonly found in people that followed generations later from ancestors that survived traumatic experiences such as slavery, holocausts, genocide, famine and serious abuse in their lives.

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you are invited to “the mustard seeds”

we all come from different cultures, with different beliefs and ideas. i respect you all and only wish the best for everyone. on this blog, a common love for brief bits of arts and letters binds this community together. and i cherish that as one who has written and painted for the past sixty years. i also cherish the “follows” and the “likes” – they mean very much to me.

for those among you who follow the teachings of Jesus, for those who are interested in the cosmic war between the dark and the light, and the quest for seeking the ‘narrow path’ I have a brand new blog running elsewhere that will deal only with this. it is called The Mustard Seeds. It is not about religions but it is about faith in the teachings of Jesus. it is about the war between good and evil, and how it perpetuates in our world. it is not sermons and teachings, but a discussion of issues that are relevant to the teachings of the Bible.

I invite all who are interested to please join me there as well, for something completely different. I welcome all who wish to follow that blog to do so as it launches today!

I do not mention this or discuss this here with the intention of bringing the topic of spirituality onto this blog. On the contrary, I am respectfully extending the invitation to all who are interested to pass by and visit (and perhaps follow?) the new blog.

I am always here of course at Writing Out Loud as a writer and an artist. This is and remains the notepad of my studio! On The Mustard Seeds, I am there as someone seeking and sharing some insights on spirituality as someone who traveled along new age routes, saw the potential dangers, escaped those paths and has found a place along the paths that follow Christ’s teachings. I do not seek to teach or convert. I respect the gift of free will and absolutely respect all individuals on earth with their unique customs, beliefs and philosophies. On that note, I thank you all for being here with me!