the culture vulture salon

Writing Out Loud has permanently moved its desk into the Culture Vulture Salon.

Yup, we’ve grown a bit, and its time for a bigger space…

so we changed address!

From now on, you can find me and my posts at

The Culture Vulture Salon

new address :

I will absolutely love to see everyone there! We are quite the group! I appreciate and thank each of you for following and making up a great community! Thanks to your following, we have created ‘the Salon’!

The Committee has arrived.

Culture Vulture Salon

unanimity. Who needs opinions anyway?

Photography Prints

A satirical representation of society and the permeating lack of individuality, pre determined expectations & ‘pre-fab’ culture.

suzy valtsioti

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attitude speaks volumes

this does not get a title.

Art Prints

A whimsical version of “Monkey Catching Reflection of Moon” by Ohara Koson, now in the public domain.

The monkey, in this image is enjoying chatting on the phone and sipping his capuccino, at the cafe, under the tree.

Suzy Valtsioti

a sea queen

Photography Prints

A Sea Queen emerged from the Deep Sea Kingdom.

Suzy Valtsioti
Sell Art Online

A very serene portrait of a woman dressed in silk. elegant and peaceful.

suzy valtsioti
Sell Art Online

Appearing cool and composed, her heart was racing while she anxiously checked her shoulder bag over and over again to be sure that her lover’s note was still safely hidden there.

suzy valtsioti

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