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For those that don’t know me, I am Suzy Valtsioti. I tell stories through words and images.


I hoard clips, notes, jots, ideas, images, and excerpts from my work and from all wordwork and artwork that I find noteworthy, inspiring and interesting.

I also hoard tons of ‘miscellania’ from favorite recipes to unusual tidbits of information that trigger me to think. I also love to collect any image or piece of wordwork that makes me smile, or even better, laugh.

These items are my ‘hoard’ or my ‘booty’ and they reside in a large bulging notebook crammed deep inside an overstuffed drawer. This drawer is already filled by a sea of free floating clippings, printed material weighed down by even more smaller overfilled notebooks. Most of the other jewels of information maintain their residence in this ‘overweight’ computer of mine.

This site, where I intend to move many of these hoarded items to, one by one, is a diary of a culture vulture who happens to be a storyteller. I am the storyteller. Welcome to my diary!


You can find the contents of my hoard here at this site suzyvaltsioti.com . I like pinterest and I enjoy collecting ‘things’ there. And my artwork is available at Suzy Valtsioti and at fine art america.

I have been writing for many years, in many capacities and in various types of publications, from professional journals to works of fiction. Believe it or not, I chose not to have a ‘presence’ on facebook. I am an old school bohemian. However, if you are on facebook, instagram or other social media sites, please feel free to share any of my posts onto these platforms.


I will post as often as I can. It is a busy time right now for me, so there may be a day or two when I don’t post. I am working on a new book and creating a new collection of prints and have some deadlines to meet!


There are quite a few reasons behind why I created this site. First of all, with age comes experience. I have sailed through many ‘been there, done that’ situations over the decades, bearing all of the wounds and injuries that last beyond the joy, satisfaction or sorrow that each life experience brings. That is the driving force behind my need to seek the beauty in everything and to nurture all sparks of creativity and surges of inspiration.

That applies not only for myself but towards others. It is important to me that I can share or pass along positive, creative or even inspiring bits and pieces. As the world becomes more challenging, as the world undergoes changes in many areas that affect mankind, we need to hold onto the ‘humanities’ and preserve all forms of ‘wordwork’ and art. They provide not only grounding and inspiration, but they also serve as a common ground panacea for all that troubles humanity.

Photo by Miesha Maiden on Pexels.com

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