shakespeare to the rescue. unsavory relatives? fear not…

when relatives gather over the holidays – prodding and probing you about your life, here are the perfect answers shakespeare has provided…

When they ask why you don’t have a boyfriend yet:
“I am too blunt and saucy.”
—Cymbeline, Act 5, Scene 5

When they ask why you’re always playing on your phone:
“I am alone the villain of the earth.”
—Antony and Cleopatra, Act 4, Scene 6

When your Aunt Gertrude has had one glass of wine too many:
“Gertrude, do not drink.”
—Hamlet, Act 5, Scene 2

When you’re hanging out in the kitchen taking a break from the chaos and some relatives come in to chat:
“Do you look for ale and cakes here, you rude rascals?”
—Henry VIII, Act 5, Scene 4

read the rest of the Shakespearean quotes of wit here.

(They are from spark notes, 😉 )

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