the path

“When the path ignites a soul,
there’s no remaining in place.

The foot touches ground,
but not for long.”

Hakim sanai

The path is the ancient archetype of the ‘walk’ or the motion that life takes. Found in ancient writings, in many religions, in global folklore, the path constitutes the procession of life.

The question remains, in all traditions, to be whether or not we are on the correct path.

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    1. that is true! you don’t recognize the light unless you have seen the dark…its all part of the grand plan of things…the challenge lies with not recognizing the wrong path if one is on it and being able to escape by getting off from that path before the traps set in – before one encounters one of its holes that one can fall into, or gets tangled from the thorns and brambles that can trap and lock one in the wrong path and make it more difficult to find the way off…ugh….but that is a reflection of the eternal struggle of light and dark.

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      1. I couldn’t agree more! And what I see in Dutch politics, f.i., is that as soon as a path is chosen, the politicians choose to stay on that path, even though it has become very obvious it was the wrong path. But changing course means admitting that you have made a mistake. Many people I know live like that too! The fear of owning up to your mistakes and taking responsibility in order to get back on track, seems to be one of the hardest things to do!

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      2. lol…Owning up to one’s mistake(s) is very difficult. Humble the ego, admit ‘defeat’, recognize flawed judgement are acts that so many people would never do! They end up ‘living the lie’ and keeping up a crumbling façade. Such a shame, because it is so much wasted time from their lives that could have been better spent. Even though the idea that it would be better spent is a value judgement that cant be proven…lololol…nevertheless, I agree with you the fear of owning up is terribly difficult for most people, and wrong paths are also the ones that are most easily chosen.

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      3. I have lost many people by living truthfully. Including my father. But I have no regrets: I have to live with myself! I cannot live with myself if I am not honest.
        Art is about honesty too, don’t you think?

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      4. I am sorry to hear that you lost people by living truthfully including your father. I totally understand your struggle. I have had many similar experiences. Art is about honesty. complete brutal honesty. all forms of art. I think that any form of creative art – painting, drawing, writing, or composing music are unique reflections of our inner being. That is why I don’t agree with the concept of book ‘reviews’ or with art ‘critics’. A painting is created or a book is written as a result of that magic spark that ignites the idea, merges with the inspiration and receives its shades, hues and texture from the unique makeup of the artists ‘time and place’ moment in their lives at that time of artistic expression. This can not be replicated, nor can it be understood or recognized by someone else. That is why I can’t see how someone can evaluate a moment of raw honesty that shines through someone’s creative process.

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