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There is no end to the connection between love and literature. Love and romance is the prevelant theme in countless books.

But what about the torrid love affairs between writers? The real ones. The non fiction romances.The ones that you are now able to see because they are ‘documented’ in a real diary or in a series of letters/correspondences?

Reading someone else’s diary or personal letters has always held its allure.

Tender Is The Night is F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘response’ to his wife Zelda’s book.

Save Me The Waltz is Zelda Fitzgerald’s book that exposed her torrid and troubled marriage to F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Anais Nin was the rebel, the torrid rebel who experimented and tasted everything in life. She wrote essays, novels and erotica. The pages of her diary best described her life.

The love affair between Henry Miller and Anais Nin told by Anais Nin.

The story of…

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