owls & peacocks. an unlikely pairing.

Pronkende pauw en twee uilen (1895) print in high resolution by Theo van Hoytema. Original from The Rijksmuseum. Digitally…
Pronkende pauw en twee uilen (1895) print in high resolution by Theo van Hoytema. Original from The Rijksmuseum. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel. Public Domain.

They seem to be an unlikely pairing, but I was drawn to create a pinterest collection just for them.

Image : Owl with Peacock Feather Crown found on pinterest

13 thoughts on “owls & peacocks. an unlikely pairing.

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      1. I like owls because they look a bit grumpy! I did one too once! I called it Mr Pillock 😛. It hasn’t sold yet but I am glad he is still with me 😂


      2. love it! owls are amazing!!! they are so strong…such personality…and peacocks are so vain! lol….

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      3. i just saw him! he comes across!!! can i share him on pinterest?! i have a board for “capturing the moment” and you did it so well!!!

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      4. Please do! It would be my first share, lol. I haven’t been on Pinterest more than two days, so I actually don’t know how it works yet!
        My Pinterest name is Ursus Art and you can find my owl in the Miscellaneous-board.
        Thank you! 🙂

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      5. they are all very good! the blackbird and the one with the cage ‘speak’ to me as well!! bravo…

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      6. if you want mr pillock on pinterest it will link back to the address you gave me…unless you want it to another page you may have…

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      7. The reasons why I have created a Pinterest account and my blog, is to create some more traffic onto my website….it is super hard to be seen in the vast world of internet, where everyone wants to be seen….. But I have only just started so I should be patient! 😛
        So, I link my works on Pinterest to my website.


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