Life in the Future? How is this University Course Offered In 2070! (A MUST READ)

A ‘Taste’ of Course Offerings of the Future:

Food Pasts, Food Futures : The Culinary History of COVID-19

By The Global Experimental Historiography Collective

Read on, imagine the course, and dream the reading! — D. Graham Burnett, Series Editor


HIS595 / FUT595

Food Pasts, Food Futures: The Culinary History of COVID-19

Co-taught through the Global Experimental Historiography Collective 1

Fall 2070

The COVID-19 pandemic of the early 2020s was a period of immense change—on par with the Second World War or the Industrial Revolution in the scale (global) and the extent (fundamental) of its impact. Any student who wants to understand the century we live in (one distinguished by the seemingly inescapable forces of anthropogenic climate change and the incursion of digital technologies upon private life) or simply to grasp the shifts their grandparents experienced in their lifetimes must first understand the historical period that has been termed the “Remote Revolution.”

continue reading the ‘Course Syllabus’ here
Buonamico Buffalmacco’s Il Trionfo della Morte (The Triumph of Death), part of his fresco cycle in the Camposanto in Pisa, painted ca. 1338 — Source.

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