Some Food for Thought

  • Veganism, like Vegetarianism, is accompanied by a ‘philosophy’. It isn’t simply one more food ‘pyramid diagram’ to be followed. It isn’t a low fat, zero calorie pursuit. It isn’t ‘trendy’, ‘political’ nor ‘social’. It is an ethical movement trying to address age old issues.
  • Processed food and manufactured food items don’t mesh into the classic philosophy of veganism or vegetarianism.
  • Foods laden with sodium, sugars, preservatives and the like are hardly close to nature.
  • Manufacturing ‘vegan’ foods to resemble meat is deception. Why allow someone to feel that they can partake in cruelty free slaughter?
  • A vegan shouldn’t allow for their ‘food’ to resemble slaughtered animal. That is the whole point of veganism.
  • No cruelty – not even allowing for the collection/consumption of ‘by products’. So why eat a manufactured product full of preservatives made to look like ‘cruelty’ on your dish?
  • We are duped either way.
  • Anyone who eats manufactured and processed food slowly slaughters themselves.
  • Meat eaters participate in the whole animal slaughter process.
  • Anyone consuming most plant food participates in plant slaughter.
  • Who said plants don’t feel pain or sense their demise? What about the frequencies they emit or the tannins they secrete when threatened?
  • We can’t ‘hear’ the plants so we assume they don’t feel pain? Plants are intelligent creatures that respond to humans and animals.
  • It upsets many people when someone believes that plants feel pain. Perhaps this is upsetting because they think, ‘So what do I eat then if plants and animals feel pain?’
  • Do I eat rocks and dirt? Live on water? Does that feel pain too?
  • We are created to be a part of a food cycle. Plants are our oxygen. They interact with the animal world. The animal world lives off other animals or plants.
  • Maybe, just maybe, we are also ‘animals’ made to interact and live off these groups.
  • So we are maybe, just maybe, part of a similar food cycle. Big fish eats small fish type of thing. (in more ways than one)
  • There is excessive cruelty on our side of the playing field.
  • Farming can be more cruelty free.
  • Farming isn’t sowing the genetically modified seed to render a larger crop with little ‘damage’.
  • The crops can’t be thanklessly torn from the earth, plucked or ripped apart. Nor can they be sprayed with poisons in the name of ‘progress’.
  • So – from soup to dessert, no matter what the menu, humans once again created havoc in their world. We do commit slaughter. We slaughtered fellow humans throughout history. We slaughter to eat. We slaughter nature to create heat, shelter, paper and anything else you can think of from piano keys to plastic diapers.
  • Cruelty in many shapes and sizes still taints our perspective on food, as well as everything else. After all, violence is in our life, from our entertainment right up to the streets.
  • Yep. We are a mess. We need a rethink.
  • We think we are smart but we are far from it. Are we brilliant when we realize that we can’t ‘see the forest for the trees’?
  • We need to rethink how we observe the tree and the forest.
  • We should stop focusing on what’s beyond the forest and notice that the tree in front of our face is about to fall on us if we keep shooting ourselves in the foot.
  • There is a way to handle almost everything in a ‘cruelty free’ manner – even milking a cow or harvesting fruit.
  • We just aren’t ready as a world to live that way of life because it has to apply to everything across the board, not just what’s on the plate.
  • Can you have a spotless kitchen in a filthy house?
  • Can you be cruelty free in a cruel world?
  • Ya know?

Just Kvetching…

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