The Perils of Genetics

a page torn from “A Lady’s Diary”

a piece of timeless frivolity

(a faux period piece by Suzy Valtsioti)

I am forever whisking past that annoying painting of my great-great-great-grandmother. Yes, she goes 3 “greats” back.

Does it matter, really, how many “greats” one goes back?

I am not sure how many “greats” she truly does go it 3 or is it really 4?

It’s all the same to me.

Actually, the whole ‘great-great’ thing seems to have been a family fixation regarding all of these different ancestors, but I can’t see the point of caring.

The painting I am referring to shows my rather dull looking ancestor taking her music lesson while holding her favorite dog, who didn’t seem to be at all musically inclined.

She was probably more interested in the instructor than the music. Maybe her dog was too.

This particular painting is the one that is hanging near the large window in the main hall. And I find myself habitually taking my predictable glance at it every morning on my hurried way to breakfast – as if I am checking every morning to see if it is still hanging there.

Like clockwork I glance at it as I pass in front of it. Perhaps, I wish secretly that it wasn’t there.

The painting seems to have captured a moment in that woman’s life that I can only characterize as incredibly dull. Times have changed. Thank God.

I simply adore my dog, but I don’t bring my dog to ridiculous music lessons. Thank God, I know better.

I do however bring her nearly every afternoon to the gazebo in the back and include her in my yoga sessions with my instructor.

Yoga is quite beneficial for most people, of all ages. Certainly does wonders for me, at my age. Like fiber.

It certainly does Biscottini a world of good, it keeps her so calm just being there, and she loves my instructor Fernando.

Of course, her outings are necessary as are her yoga lessons. I take Biscottini to the Royal Public Gardens every morning after breakfast.

I know, there is no perfect time for us to be in the park in the morning, or during any time of the day for that matter. There is a problem that has developed at the park that is quite annoying.

It has become “too full”. It’s never quiet.

The park is always full of children running about making noise, playing. And there are so many young mothers silently strolling about all morning and all afternoon with a little baby in their carriage. The mothers look robotic and the babies all appear either drowsy or bored. That is what happens when mothers want to do the nanny’s job.

Nevertheless, it has become too cluttered, too noisy, and it feels as if the peaceful gardens have become littered with annoying din and mindless pacing.

So I make it a point to go to the east end of the gardens. Thankfully there is a completely different atmosphere at this end of the park.

Along the east gate, the gardens are always full of people that appear alert, walking their sweet little dogs. And they also appear to be alert. That is a healthy environment.

Of course, there is the matter of the paved walkways. How different they appear in ‘our’ end of the gardens. The beautifully paved cobblestone walkways gracing this end of the gardens are very smooth- without those annoying snags in the brick.

They are so beautifully ‘labyrinthine’ in their meandering course. And they are literally inundated with lively precious dogs sniffing and barking – making their presence known, as they promenade with their owners.

Very pleasant, indeed.

Never fail, I sit with my little Biscottini on our favorite bench near the water fountain for a few minutes. We take our little breath of fresh air and enjoy our moment of contemplation there, our teeny rest. And never fail, it always crosses my mind, during that moment of contemplation, how truly precious our pets really are.

Not everyone can relate to just any pet. But most often than not a special relationship does arise between pet and owner. It is a special bond, a special kind of understanding. I think that this must pertain to most pets, not just to dogs, but to cats, birds or even to children as well.

After all, children are pets, aren’t they? I am quite certain that they are pets. They are human pets.

Just like dogs, we walk them, take them for their stroll and exercise in the gardens,. Obviously we also need to feed them, and bathe them. We also provide the necessary playmates, the necessary room to roam and the necessary training.

Of course, we must be realistic. All pets, in whatever form they take, be they puppies, kittens or children, can be nuisances – drooling, whining, fighting, obstinately doing whatever they please at times or simply making noise when it is most inappropriate.

And of course another annoying factor that pets present is the fact that someone needs to spend so much time and effort attending to their defecating messes until they learn to tend to it on their own and go where they are supposed to for such matters. It seems that the animals and the children have that in common. Another nuisance. What to choose? A dog? A cat? A child?

So I also do wonder, every day in my moment of contemplation, are children actually pets, or are all pets actually children? After all, children and animals present the same problems and challenges in their rearing. Why aren’t children classified as pets?

Seriously, I find that thinking about this whole matter is utterly exhausting.

Thankfully there are so many who can clean up after Biscottini, feed her, bathe her , tend to her mess and so on… so, pets, animals, children, whatever…. it’s all the same.

They all need a governess.

Please don’t confuse the views expressed in the Lady’s Diary as mine…she wrote what she wrote…I am just the go between…tearing that fictional page out of that fictional diary written by the fictional Lady and putting it out there… 😉 SV

by the way, out of propriety I am informing you about the :

Paintings –

Pieter Cornelisz van Slingelandt [Public domain]

Louis Eugène Lambert [Public domain]

just giving credit where credit is due…

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