Using the Right Words…

I was thinking about words. Like all wordsmiths do.

I was wondering if being ‘a writer’ is rightfully considered to be an ‘occupation’.

(Fine. Detect guilt, if you really need to.)

As I was saying, If I express myself or create a fictional happenstance and put it to paper- is that actually considered as ‘work’?

Don’t you love the word ‘happenstance’?

It’s a perfectly concise and rather ‘no frills’ way to describe any event(s) that happened as a result of circumstance. So many words condensed into one!

We should sprinkle our conversations with more ‘no frill’ words. By doing so, we can convey more meaning in fewer syllables. Save our breath, save on syllables, …

(Conserving speech could be a side effect of these masks – have the ‘powers that be’ considered that?).

I won’t go off on that tangent. Back to what I was thinking…that we need to use no frill words that describe huge wordy observations in two or three syllables. I made up a few for people to use…it’s my personal contribution to those who seek that special word for accurately describing that special observation.

For instance, we could use words such as ‘fucklack’. Now there is a word that conveys a tremendous social phenomenon observation that rarely is expressed in words.

There are people who suffer from fucklack, and those who convey and literally create the phenomenon of fucklack. It’s a huge social concept condensed into 2 simple syllables.

This one word, fucklack, best describes the blatantly obvious “vacuum-like” void that seems to surround the aura of certain people. (Imagine it as an energetic black hole).

Most often, this phenomenon of fucklack seems to affect many celebrities and those who perceive themselves to be ‘famous’ and ‘important’ people. This energetic void of sorts that surrounds such people has actually been created energetically by the multitude of humans around them who literally don’t give a fuck about that particular “popular” person.

Countless celebrities suffer from acute fucklack, but they aren’t aware of it, because they can’t see it until it’s too late. (More about that in a paragraph or two…go ahead, read on…it’s ok…we need to work on attention spans…we can’t tweet everything and think in morsels)

Back to functional words that conserve verb(i)age…

How about the word ‘smacksmirk’? That is a good one which perfectly describes the immediate aftermath of a bitchslap. We have seen these smacksmirks cross the lips of many women…right? You need pages to describe that moment of female joy…it’s one of those moment of triumph that words just can’t adequately describe like the single word ‘smacksmirk’.

And of course another word that is tripping off my tongue that I can’t exclude from this word tangent (that just took off from ‘happenstance’) would be “diva-drop”- which I feel eloquently portrays the terrible crash that attention whores suffer when they realize that no one is no longer interested.

Diva-drop occurs the moment a vanity whore perceives the magnitude of the fucklack which devitalized their aura and withered their preen.

Enough of that. Wordsmith ramble.

just saying….

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